All the Sodexo flavor you love, now available at home!

Published on : 17-06-2020
  • Sodexo On-site

    Did you know that Brazil’s home delivery market is ranked fifth in growth, increasing around 20% between 2018 and 2019? With an increasingly digital world and the current situation, wherein most people are working from home, there is a growing trend to use delivery services, especially those involving food.

    Thirty-four percent of consumers looking to use a meal delivery service are after practical and tasty solutions comprised of a mix of varying products that meet their lunch and dinner needs, set within a context that blurs the lines between work and personal life. According to the 2020 Brasil Food Trends Report, these consumers believe delivery is key in defining convenience and practicality.

    However, practicality is not the only thing these consumers are after! Brazilians have been developing a more refined taste in culinary terms. Sensorial experiences, pleasure, premium and gourmet products with higher added value are important to 23%! To these people, gourmet cuisine and gastronomy are a source of pleasure and well-being. 

    With this in mind, Sodexo took an innovate step in launching a new service, aimed not only at Quality of Life, but also at guaranteeing convenience while delivering the best flavors and ingredients without consumers having to leave the comfort of their homes.  With Sodexo Delivery, you can order from anywhere! Simply click on the delivery app for your food to be delivered safely, quickly and bursting with flavor.

    Those already familiar with Sodexo know that our menus are balanced, prepared with the best ingredients and the highest standards in food safety. The only difference is that now, we delivery to your front door. Initially, the service will be catering to certain regions in São Paulo (SP), Barueri (SP) and Porto Alegre (RS) via our restaurants: Deli Express by Sodexo and Receitas de Casa by Sodexo. 

    Discover Deli Express by Sodexo

    With the aim of presenting a little more about our new delivery restaurants, we are proud to introduce our newest offer geared towards gourmet cuisine, Deli Express by Sodexo! Have you imagined just how great it would be to receive a meal prepared with select and exclusive ingredients, something that transforms the lunch you already adore into a culinary experience?

    With Deli Express by Sodexo, you’ll receive that special feijoada with an added gourmet touch, perfect for those who love a little extra flavor when it comes to mealtime, coupled with practicality and convenience. Remember, these meals are created by the chefs you already know from the Sodexo kitchens!

    Using select ingredients, Deli by Sodexo is available in certain regions of São Paulo (SP) and Barueri (SP). It’s super simple to order. Simply access Rappi at lunch time, check what’s available in your region and select your dish! For those after flavor and culinary quality, #PedeSodexo.